Will Always be There for You

My husband and I started working with Sabrina back in March (pre-COVID-19) when we first met her at an open house. Right from the start, we could tell that Sabrina is very dedicated to her clients and her craft. Even when we told Sabrina our impossible budget and that we have no dealbreakers as long as the house is of good value (we could not have been more vague even if we wanted to!), there was no hesitation in Sabrina in embarking on the long journey with us. After looking at many houses, we got into a very efficient routine where ultimately, the only thing we need to do is tell Sabrina what our offer price is after Sabrina already communicated with the listing agent and giving us her recommendations. We finally found a house that we love with Sabrina’s help and we can’t wait to move in! Throughout this whole process, Sabrina was very responsive and always on top of her things. We were able to close very quickly thanked to our lender but also in part due to Sabrina keeping us on track. If you need a dedicated agent who will answer any questions you have and will always be there for you, Sabrina is the agent for you!

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