Landed and its Mission

Landed was found in 2015 by educators, healthcare works and first responders to help educators (teachers and staff) and first responders with a down payment assistance program.  Their mission is to help teachers and staff of pubic school districts and first responders be able to afford homes in the communities that they serve.  The program helps with 10% down and the homebuyer brings in another 10% totaling 20% of the down payment to avoid Private Mortgage Insurance.  This makes homes in expensive areas more affordable because of the lower monthly payments.

This program is not a grant or a loan.  When the homeowner is ready to refinance or sell, the homeowner has to pay back the original 10% of down payment plus 25% of the appreciation since then.  For example, for simplicity, if a teacher or staff wants to buy a house for  $1,000,000, Landed will bring $100,000 and the homebuyer will bring another $100,000.  The combined 20% down payment makes the offer more competitive.  When the homeowner wants to sell in another 5 years (the time when the homeowner wants to sell or refinance is up to the homeowner but cannot be more than 30 years), the homeowner must pay back the original $100,000 plus $25,000 totaling $125,000 paid back to Landed if the homeowner sold the home for $1,250,000. The reverse is also true since this is a partnership between the homeowner and Landed. If the property depreciates and is now worth 25% less ($975,000).  Now the homeowner pays back to Landed $75,000 instead of the original $100,000.

Go to to learn more about the down payment assistance program.


Landed Partner Agent

I’m proud to one of Landed’s selected partner agents here in the South Bay.  If you are interested in the down payment program, contact me. I’ll be more than happy to help, explain the process or get you started.