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What is a CMA?

Comparative Market Analysis, CMA,  shows the value of your home in the eyes of the buyers.   Buyers determine value by doing comparison shopping between all the available homes.

What is the difference between a CMA from a real estate agent and Zillow Zestimate®?

Zillow Zestimate®  is an online price estimation tool. It uses a proprietary formula to determine the home value. The formula includes simple numbers from the “Multiple Listing Service (MLS)” and tax records. Hence, it is a good starting point.   But it does not include the uniqueness and the condition of the home as part of the assessment.  In contrast, a competent Realtor® creates CMA.  The CMA is more accurate and more reliable than the Zestimate.  Mainly because it uses human logic, knowledge, and experience to compare the subject home with the recently sold comparables.