Home Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter

The cold season has already arrived in many parts of the country. Here in the South Bay, it’s getting to be in the 60s, which is pretty cold for us!

It’s important to prepare your home for the colder weather coming. Taking a little bit of time to winterize your home can save you a lot of time, and money, later on. Check out these tips for preparing your home for the fall and winter:

1. Check window and door weather stripping for damage.

2. Clean your gutters.

3. Check your roof for damage or leaks.

4. Fill cracks in your driveway and foundation.

5. Check attic insulation for pest damage.

6. Have your furnace serviced.

7. Check your chimney for obstructions and make sure your damper is working.

8. Clean and store your lawnmower.

9. Aerate and fertilize your lawn.

10. Change the air filters in your HVAC system.

11. Change smoke detector batteries.

12. Change your Carbon Monoxide detector batteries.

13. Clean and store outdoor furniture.

14. Have landscaping pruned and put fresh mulch down.

15. Clean humidifiers before using.

16. Check the condition of your pool cover.

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