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Selling Guidance

Your home is more than an architectural structure. Often, it’s an extension of who you are – your personality, style and values. That’s why selling it can be an emotional experience. But it can also be exciting and rewarding. This section provides some simple home selling tips that can help lead you to a successful, timely sale.

Once you’ve made up your mind to sell your home, you need to do your “homework” !  Getting a signed contract is a great accomplishment, but that’s only half the journey. The typical home sale today involves more than 20 steps after the initial contract is accepted to complete the transaction.  Download my Home Seller Frequently Asked Questions for more information!

I can provide the experience and local knowledge to guide you through the entire process, and selling your home within the ideal time frame and at the most effective price point. As the representative of your best interests, I have  state-of-the-art marketing resources to showcase your home’s best assets, and help you determine what improvements will make the biggest difference.

Much of what needs to be done before the closing is the responsibility of appraisers, loan processors and inspectors. Part of my role also includes coordinating those responsibilities, helping to ensure that others do their jobs promptly and correctly.

Many steps between contract ratification and closing involve the cooperation of both buyer and seller, and attentive real estate professionals on both sides of the transaction will keep it smooth and keep everyone on track.

Why sell with me?


I will call you at least once a week to tell you what is happening on the sale; Show metrics on internet traffic viewing your property!


I will create a website for your home, post YouTube video, advertise on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Linked


I will call or door knock to actively look for buyers for your home and I will report what I did that week!


If you are not happy with the services I provide, you can fire me!

Listing Plan Objective

  • To assist in getting as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is sold.
  • To communicate to you, weekly, the results of my activities.
  • To assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value between you and the buyer.

Social Media Marketing Plan

How I advertise your listing on social media:

  • Feature your property on my website
  • Blog about it on My Real Estate Blog
  • Promote it on my Facebook Business Page
  • Post it on LinkedIn to my Activity feed.
  • Tweet about your property on Twitter
  • Create a video and post it on my YouTube Channel, then share that with all my other Social Media Channels

My Strategy to get Your Home Sold for Top Dollar

1.  Maximum Exposure

Providing maximum exposure by submitting your home to our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Ensure buyers and realtors can easily identify and have access to the property by providing a professional sign and lockbox. Your property will be visible on multiple websites including all major real estate sites including Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, as well as Century 21, Property Unique, and other real estate auxiliary sites

2. Video Marketing 

3. Social Media 

4. Flyers and postcards

5. Professional Photography

6. Price your home competitively to open the market vs. narrowing the market.

7. Prospect 2-3 hours per day and talk to about 25, 50 or 100 people per day looking for potential buyers.

8. Conduct open houses with approval from the sellers.

9. Promote your home at the company sales meetings.

10. Stage your home with your permission. Statistically staged homes sell faster and for more $. Staging may increase sale price from 1 to 10% for 39% of the time.

11. Suggest and advise as to any changes you may want to make in your property to make it more saleable.

12. Constantly update you as to any changes in the marketplace.

13. Contact buyer leads, Sphere of Influence and Past Clients for their referrals and prospective buyers.

14. Whenever possible, pre-qualify the prospective buyers.

15. Keep you aware of the various methods of financing that a buyer might want to use.

17. When possible, have the cooperating Broker in the area tour your home.

18. Follow-up on the salespeople who have shown your home for their feedback and response.

19. Represent you on all offer presentations to assist you in negotiating the best possible price and terms.

20. Handle all the follow-up upon a contract being accepted including all mortgage, title, and other closing procedures.

21. Deliver your check at closing

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The purpose of a CMA is to determine the value of your home in the eyes of the buyers. Buyers determine value by comparison shopping. They look at the price of your home based on its features and benefits, and compare it with the features and benefits of similar homes that have sold recently or are currently on the market.

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